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  • Jehovah

    yEhowa Language: Akan Part of speech: noun English Translation: Jehovah.

  • Jollof Rice

    jclcf rais Language: Akan Part of speech: noun Translation (English): Rice dish made with long grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables and meat.

  • Katherine Johnson

  • Martin Luther King, Jr

  • Highlife

    hai laif Language: Akan Part of speech: noun Translation (English): Highlife is a music genre that started in West Africa in coastal cities of present day Ghana in the 19th century. Highlife is a local fusion of African beats and western jazz melodies.

  • Fodwo

    fcjoC is a sacred day of rest on the Akan calendar dedicated to propitiating and honoring the ancestors. fcjoC on the Akan calendar occurs 15 days after Akwasidae and 9 days before Awukudae.

  • Day Names in Akan (Twi)

    An Akan is automatically assigned a first name based on the Day of birth. The birth name based on the day of birth may be official or unofficial name of the individual. The given first name based on day of birth is as below: U da barima cbaa English s qaCsiada qaCsi/qEsi aCsi/Esi Sunday p…

  • Days of the Week in Akan (Twi)

    No aCdinkra English 1 qaCsiada Sunday 2 ejoCada Monday 3 ebECnada Tuesday 4 wukuada Wednesday 5 yawoCada Thursday 6 Efiada Friday 7 mECmECnECda Saturday

  • Volta mantam

    vclta mantaCm anguage: Akan (Twi) Part of speech: noun English Translation: Volta Region. U District s adaklu Adaklu p afaZato afadjato South a agoCtimEC–ziopEC Agotime-ziope d akaTi aCtifi Akatsi North o akaTi anaafoCc Akatsi South C anlcga Anloga u mfimfini tongu Central Tongu q ho Ho f ho atcECe Ho West sg hchcEC Hohoe ss…