Akan Twi Vowels

Akan Twi has 10 vowels. All the 10 vowels are represented in Adinkra Alphabet as shown below. Akan Twi has two different A/a (not ah) sound. One is pharyngeal and the result of advance tongue root (ATR) and the other is glottic. Glottic A/a sound is represented in Latin as E/e.

There are two subset of vowels in Akan known as +ATR and -ATR. Each subset of vowels contain 5 vowels in Adinkra Alphabet. The phenomenon in which vowels in each subset of 5 occurs together or changes the preceding vowel to a vowel within each subset is known as vowel harmony.






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  1. Essah Zadock Avatar
    Essah Zadock

    Kyer3 mmaworo a 3didiso) yi biara su: /a/, /i/, /u/

    1. ilovetomeditateonadinkra_zyk6rw Avatar

      mECdEC adECdua sini aka hoC. ma mEC hu se enoC QECre asECe ma woC a. (Representation of vowels in Adinkra Alphabet).

  2. Essah Zadock Avatar
    Essah Zadock

    I am waiting for my answer

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