Language: Akan

Part of speech: verb

English Translation: Hit/Crash/Break/Create/Make/Smash/Strike/Ring.

Sentence (Adinkra): bc mEC njoCm.

Sentence (Akan): Bo me ndwom.

Translation (English): Play me a song.

Bo me ndwom
bc abcsoCBo abosoTo girdverb
bc ada fiBo ada fiTo persuadeverb
bc afcrECBo aforeTo sacrificeverb
bc agooBo agooTo knockverb
bc aCJuamanBo aguamanTo be promiscuousverb
bc ahohwiBo ahohwiTo be lewdverb
bc ananBo ananTo go togetherverb
bc anoCBo anoTo suppressverb
bc aCsiBo asiIt is foggyverb
bc asoCmBo asomTo slapverb
bc aCsuBo asuTo baptizeverb
bc boCBo boTo indicate the prizeverb
bc bosECaBo boseaTo loan/To borrowverb
bc bra paBo bra paTo lead a good lifeverb
bc damBo damTo be crazy/insanevern
bc daCwuroBo dawuroTo announceverb
bc dinBo dinTo call namesverb
bc duaBo duaTo curseverb
bc faCmuBo famuTo fallverb
bc JuaBo guaTo sit in state/durbarverb
bc hoCBo hoTo associate withverb
bc hoC banBo ho banTo protectverb
bc hwiremmaBo hwiremmaTo whistleverb
bc kirididiBo kirididiTo rushverb
bc koCBo koTo be a truantverb
bc kckcBo kokoTo forewarn/warnverb
bc korcnoCBo koronoTo steal/robverb
bc kuturukuBo kuturukuTo hit with a fistverb
bc qanBo kwanTo make a roadverb
bc mmcdECnBo mmodenTo persevereverb
bc mpaECBo mpaeTo prayverb
bc mu nnadECwaBo mu nnadewaTo nailverb
bc nkoCBo nkoTo dozeverb
bc nkcmmcBo nkommoTo chatverb
bc nkuroBo nkuroTo complainverb
bc nsaCmBo nsamTo clapverb
bc nsEkuBo nsekuTo gossipverb
bc nsraBo nsraTo marchverb
bc ntaban muBo ntaban muTo flutteridiom
bc ntontoBo ntontoTo ballot/voteverb
bc ewaBo ewaTo coughverb
bc paaBo paaTo hireverb
bc soCtoCrcBo sotoroTo slapverb
bc tiri asECBo tiri aseTo nodidiom
bc twerECBo twereTo fightverb
bc yarECBo yareTo make sickverb





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