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The goal of this page is to present a dictionary of the akan twi (Akan Twi) language of Ghana. Akan language in Adinkra uses all 42 characters of Adinkra Alphabet in writing. In this manner the Akan language in Adinkra borrows from special characters in the other three major languages of Adinkra which are Ewe, Ga and Dagbani. Nyame Dua (NamEC dua) character is used to mark a number. A number in Adinkra is written between two Nyame Dua characters e.g. 1234 as UspadU.

Adinkra character x (x) is a marker for mathematical Array.

Akan language in Adinkra has 10 vowels as shown below. Adinkra character C is a vowel marker. Adinkra character X is a mathematical array marker.

Adinkra Alphabet Vowels

Akan language in Adinkra has 32 consonants.

Adinkra Alphabet Consonants

Adinkra alphabet vowels and consonants.

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